3 Common Mistakes iPhoneographers make


All iPhoneographers have done it. At least those iPhoneographers who look in the mirror honestly ( the iPhone mirror app is an acceptable substitute as well). We picked our favorite camera app. Snapped the shot. Edited in our favorite iPhoneography editing app. Hesitated a bit because the result was not quite what we had in mind but it wasn’t that far off, right? We throw the final image onto our social media platform of choice and went on our merry way.

But the next day we are looking back at your photo stream, admiring our iPhoneography prowess, and realize the image was really, well, let’s settle for not great. There are three common mistakes iPhoneographers make and thankfully three pretty simple solutions to avoid them.

Three common mistakes:

1. Over processing images: Certain iPhoneographers asthetic is to process photos heavily and they are very good at it. Rubicon is one such iPhoneographer. I over process images when I know how I want the image to look but I just can’t quite get it. So I just keep layering it on. Bad idea. The iPhoneographer must know when to say when.

Almost all editing apps provides the ability to determine the intensity a given effect has. I highly recommend taking the intensity of most effects down from the maximum level. This will help maintain the photographic integrity of the image.

2. Take too few photos: There is not a limit on the number of shots you can take. Click away. I often find myself rushed and I take one or two shots and move on. When I am looking back at the shots I realize there is a branch in the way or my finger is hovering annoyingly in the corner of the shot. So click away and give yourself an inventory of potential images.

3. Just because you took the photo doesn’t mean you should post it: An iPhoneographer may have the most stunning visual view but for any of a number of reasons your shot just does not capture it. If the image just doesn’t capture “it” then don’t be afraid to take another shot or, dare I say, just tweet how great your current view is and paint the picture with words. If an iPhoneographer puts garbage out folks lose interest pretty quickly. I know, it may be hard to admit our shortcoming but I am sure even Ansel Adams failed from time to time. We just don’t see his failures published and I am sure that was his intention.

19 thoughts on “3 Common Mistakes iPhoneographers make

  1. Thank you for that post. Having only just brought my iPhone (about a week ago) I am still learning a lot about it. I haven’t even looked at the editing apps yet

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

      Glad to hear you have an iPhone now. My recommendation on the editing apps is to stay simple for awhile. I would start with Instagram and Camera+. You can’t beat them. The third I would get is Hipstamatic. Hope you enjoy the phone.

  2. Great post! It’s funny you should mention taking too few shots. When I began taking pictures of my son, I got in the habit of just clicking away. This is especially easy using Camera+ as it has no shutter lag. It is also helpful if the subject tends to move around. If you take a lot of pictures, you’re more likely to hit the right shot out of the many taken.

  3. I find it so funny when my friends say things like “you take the best pictures!” What I immediately tell them is that I take hundreds of shots to get one or two good ones!! The more shots the better, and as many angles as possible!! The shot that you think isn’t going to be that great sometimes turns out to be the best one!! Keep shooting away!! Thanks for the post!

  4. Spot on, Paul. One of the mistakes that kills me is a crooked horizon (when it shouldn’t be crooked). I’ve had a couple of really nice shots in the last few days, but the stupid horizon is just not quite straight enough. Everything else about the shot it really nice, but I can’t get over that stupid horizon. Very good and timely advice.

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