A Year (well 9 months) in Photos via Smartphone

To the extent you follow me on Twitter, something which is highly advisable, you have probably determined that I enjoy interesting photos from around the world. I have a fairly serious retweet habit. For instance the other morning I woke up and was able to see photos of the sunrise in Italy, Japan, and California as posted by various folks I follow, naturally I retweeted. Astro_Wheels, an US astronaut on the International Space Station, is a must follow who tweets photos from space. The ability to share what one is seeing with folks around the world is fascinating to me. I recently went through my Blackberry and was reminded of a number of happenings I participated in and locations I visited during the current year. What better than to share these glorious works of art with you? I could think of nothing either. Please hold your accolades (accolades that will most certainly be derived from your amazement that these photos were taken on a lowly smartphone and not a Hassleblad or other exotic camera. It is merely a tool in my hands) until viewing the entire blog.

January - Times Square. No, I did not eat at Applebees.
February - Atlanta. Bowling a 300. My name is on a wooden bowling pin at this alley due to my feat of athletic prowess.
March - Greenville Reedy River Park. Awesome day with @Fransays1. I bought her a vase.


April - Waynesville for @Katetru wedding. Gorgeous church and fantastic weekend.
May - Flying to the Big Easy. The 767 did a barrel role. Perfect artistic timing on my part.
June - Atlanta. View from the office.
July - New Orleans. Crescent City Connection Bridge in the background.

August - Debordieu. Beach artist.
September - Atlanta. First day we fell below 90 degrees.
September - Hilton Head. It was such a good month one was just not enough.

Stay tuned, I anticipate a fourth quarter update. Stay classy.


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