Top 11 Songs

While watching Poirot I was inspired to think upon my current top ten songs. As to why Poirot would inspire such a thought I can not explain this, other than the mind is complicated thing. Musical tastes are highly subjective and, as for myself, constantly fluctuating. As such, I can clearly understand if your opinions vary significantly from mine, and some would probably say this would be a good thing. Nonetheless, here, in no particular order, is my current list of top eleven songs, I could not cull it to ten:

1. Wonderwall – Ryan Adams

2. Full Steam – David Gray & Annie Lennox

3. In a Big Country – Big Country

4. After the Storm – Mumford & Sons

5. Welcome Home – Punch Brothers

6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

7. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky – Johnny Cash

8. Viva la Vida – Coldplay

9. Wonderland – Angie Aparo

10. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

11. September – Earth Wind Fire

What is your top 11?


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