Perspective & Texture

I grew up in a household where photography was taken very seriously. That was probably due to the fact that it was my father’s profession. For instance our Christmas Day activities were more heavily chronicled than a United States President’s four years in office. At any moment a photo could take place and you must always be prepared (This probably contributes to my well known sense of style. They call me the young Sinatra). It may even be a genetic predisposition, this obsession with photography. My great grandfather was a railroad photographer, which, unfortunately primarily consisted of documenting train wrecks.

Train Wreck: It happens

While I have certainly not inherited great photographic abilities, I do appreciate photography that incorporates interesting perspectives and textures. A historical location does not hurt either. When I happen to come upon something that catches my eye in this way I immediately pull out my phone and snap away, more for my own amusement than anyone else’s. Nonetheless, here are a few that I particularly enjoyed.


Cloth Bench
Shelf Made of Antique Ceiling Tiles



3 thoughts on “Perspective & Texture”

  1. Does the photography post have anything to do with the Christmas Family photos? The photos look good. Are these your personal photos or ones by others you have collected?

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