Top Five Books


Library at my mountain château


These are my top five books. The criteria to make it on this was not necessarily how enjoyable or well written or clever the books were. Rather these are my top five books because how eye-opening and challenging each was to me personally.

1. Bible

2. Survival in Auschwitz

3. The Second World War Volume 3: The Grand Alliance

4. Confessions

5. Warlord: A Life of Winston Churchill at War

What is your top five and why? Stay classy.

4 thoughts on “Top Five Books”

  1. 1. Intermediate Accounting, Kieso – Set the course for my life (perhaps tragically)
    2. War and Peace, Tolstoy
    3. Wikipedia, Assorted Authors – Reliable? Maybe not. But what a resource.
    4. Antiquity, Cantor
    5. Summa Theologica, St. Thomas Aquinas – Actually I never read the whole thing, but I needed something heavy to keep pace with Paul.

  2. Tom – Not a bad list, except number one is disconcerting. Very disconcerting. If you can get your head around Summa Theologica I would be impressed. That one turned me around quite a bit.

  3. Very nice indeed. How is the Warlord? Never read the St. Augustine and it looks rather like bound guilt… Of course, there is that old adage about books and their covers.

    1. National Music and Other Essays, Ralph Vaughan Williams. A voice of logical and defiant discontent with the status quo.

    2. The Oxford Book of Ballads, multiple. A great resource for the ridiculously ‘olde.’

    3. The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien. Obvious. The best. Ever.

    4. Tonal Harmony, Stefan Kafka & Dorothy Payne. Introduction to the one aspect of music that I could actually could do

    5. The Bible. I should know a great deal more about this than I do…

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