Q4 Update: Top Food Finds in 2010

I know what you are thinking. This post is like you just had Christmas all over again. You have been waiting on tenterhooks to see what culinary delights it would contain. To the extent you have just recently discovered this blog (and are no doubt enraptured by the brillance contained herein) and you have not read the original installment, which I find highly unlikely as you were most surely compelled to read all previous posts, please click here.


1. Restorante Del Porto, Covington, LA. This is

one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to in quite a while. Secreted away from the usual New Orleans cuisine, you must cross the 24 mile bridge across Lake Ponchartrain to find it. The antipasta was delicious, the grilled octopus a must. For the main course there were no complaints at the table which is not surprising  given chefs Torre Bagalman and David Solazzo have been nominated as semifinalists for the award of Best Chef (South) in the James Beard awards multiple times.

2. Pushkin Cafe, Moscow. When asking local Moscow residents for authentic Russian cuisine recommendation for Pushkin was the quick answer. Located about a mile and a half from Red Square the resturant is old world Russia and you half expect to see Emperor Alexander III walk through the dining room at any moment. Pushkin even has a menu in English for those who are not multilingual (suprising to some, while I am fluent in a number of languages I can only speak in Russian, I can not read it).   If you are there on the right evening you might even find a string quartet playing on the main floor. Assuming you only get to eat there once do not pass up the Borsch for your starter and Beef Stroganoff a la Pushkin for your entree.

3. Bones, Atlanta. If you want the best steak in Atlanta then this is the place.The service is impecable and

the bone in ribeye is mouthwatering. In case you have room after appetizers the pecan pie is the third best I have ever had (I am a connoisseur of pecan pie and I am not certain I can divulge the venue for number one and two publicly. Rather you must go on your own pilgrimage to find it). Nothing more to say other than eat here.


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