A Mid Winters Night Nightmare (potentially overly dramatic headline but it’s my blog and if you have a problem with it you can…click the homepage to read another post – I can’t afford to lose readers)

A Snow Storm of apocalyptic proportions ransacked the unsuspecting, sleepy borough of Atlanta, GA. Once the haven of moderate winter temperatures, it was quickly and brutally transformed into Atlantartica yesterday evening. And thus the story begins.

As some may know my wife is in the medical professional and unfortunately grave illness does not take a snow day. On the eve of the Snow Storm’s assualt I took it upon myself to carry her upon my robust steed (i.e. 2004 Navy Blue Honda Accord without leather seats) to tend to the stricken. The Snow Storm had just begun to unleash it’s fury as we left our Castle abode. I utitlized my well honed snow driving ability developed in the frigid northeastern territories (i.e. New Hampshire) often driving with only one hand on the steering wheel. Upon ferrying my beautiful Queen (Note how I continue to weave the Castle/king/monarch metaphor throughout? Literary Genius. Keep reading. There is more.) to her destination I began my return. I believe my twitter feed provides an appropriate “in the moment” summary of the events that transpired. As such, I have inserted it as follows:

Paul Cahill
PJC21 Paul Cahill


For those of you wondering the distance traveled on foot was approximately 3.5 miles as denoted on the attached Google Map.

My Journey on Foot

And thus the night passed and The Snow Storm raged against our ramparts but they held, indeed they held. I began to prepare a masterful plan to carry my Queen back to the Castle upon the completion of her duties. I procured a powerful steed upon which to execute my white knight ride to save her (This metaphor get’s a little grey as I was not actually the one driving the steed rather it was another man, to protect his identity we shall refer him to as Mr. Brown, but I did hold her hand as she boarded said steed – nice foreshadowing, eh?). As we, crossed the drawbridge I screamed at the Winter Storm, “Do your worst because I certainly shall do mine”.

And this time I was prepared. I had a secret weapon. Cashmere and leather gloves. My fingers would not be so numb this time Winter Storm. Cowed by the impressive couter-attack I mounted upon my steed I obtained victory bringing my Queen safely back to the Cahill Keep. And thus the Winter Storm was vanquished. (Side note: The abandoned original steed was recovered and nursed back to health.)

3 thoughts on “A Mid Winters Night Nightmare (potentially overly dramatic headline but it’s my blog and if you have a problem with it you can…click the homepage to read another post – I can’t afford to lose readers)”

  1. We were told to check out the event

    I think you broke man code section 2.3, paragraph 4 “never let a stationary object get the best of you and it it does never admit it. It must be a secret you take to your grave”

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