While I have a number of good friends there is one I have known the longest, approximately 28 years. Our history is blustery, complicated, and loyal. @theferebee is a composer currently entrenched at The Faculty of Music of Oxford University. In connection with a project he is currently undertaking he contacted me for a contribution, which is not surprising given my Shakespearean abilities. To provide you context as to his intensity I considered publishing an excerpt from our private correspondence, however, I feared it would be to much. And there was also the matter of sifting through the thirteen pages of the email, that he wrote at 3 AM, to find a fitting summary. As such, I shall paraphrase.

His challenge was to write text for two pieces. He mentioned one of the key concepts was that a layman write the text. While I was a slightly injured by being cast in this light I quickly realized it only characterized my experience in writing lyrical text. With my bandaged spirit & ego being nursed back to health I began to contemplate the challenge which quickly came to one critical point, “What if I failed?”

As it so happens I abhor failure. I will go to great lengths, including spending ridiculous amounts of time perfecting a mundane task, to avoid it or punt on the experience altogether. Recently it has occurred to me the shortsighted nature of this viewpoint.If you don’t jump you never receive the joy of the parachute opening and if the blasted parachute doesn’t open the end is near and quick.

Holding to my new found perspective I elected to fling myself out the door. I have been working on the texts continuously. As I finish them I plan to publish them here on my blog. Then we will see if I packed my parachute well or not.

Happy skydiving.


1 thought on “Parachute”

  1. Can’t wait to read it — I’m sure you’ll land gracefully; otherwise you have to listen to theferebee for years upon years!

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