Last. Great. Conversation.

Great conversations challenge, inspire, ridicule, and restore. The conversations I am thinking of are those you remember five years later. The ones you don’t want to end. Neither length of time nor rank of participants are necessary prerequisites to a great conversation. The loftiness of the discussion topics are not the yardstick by which to measure them. It’s metered by the impact the conversation has upon you.

The one requirement for great conversations to occur is willingness to engage your fellow man. Without this the conversation will never occur. This seems simple enough and, therefore, great conversations should happen all the time. But they don’t. At least not for me. It is easier to go through the day without engaging. Life is less full but it is easier in the sense that nothing impacts you. Even if you set out each day ready to engage your fellow man a great conversation may not occur. But if you are not even willing to participate in one then it will never happen.

Available Participant

I am headed off to find the next great conversation although looking at the available participant at hand it may be slightly one-sided.

When was your last great conversation? What are you doing about it?

(Editors Note: I thoroughly believe that consistently reading this blog qualifies as a great conversation but I might be biased.)

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