Antecdotes in light of the current hulibaloo in the United Kingdom

Snapshot I took at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding (November 20th, 1947)

Lest you be caught unaware, there is a royal wedding occurring in the near future. So important is it that a national holiday has been declared in the United Kingdom. The venue is Westminster Abbey. For those of you in the “I could care less but like to remain culturally informed” camp, a camp in which I also find myself lodged, I have gone to pain staking lengths to procure a few facts you can drop when you find yourself entrapped in a conversation with people infected by the royal wedding frenzy.

  1. Based upon a statistically valid survey I have personally conducted in the last week of UK citizens, 90.6575309% define themselves as royalists. This is a significant increase from the 53.64381% and 49.324751% in the 2008 and 2009 surveys I conducted.(Note: Standard rounding conventions have bean applied)
  2. The legal last name of Prince William is Mountbatten-Windsor. This is also the legal last name of the Queen, however, based upon the survey, as detailed above, no British citizen knows the legal last name of the Queen. Who am I to criticize, it’s not clear if our President is a US citizen by birth.
  3. Kate’s father (Kate is the young lady marrying Mr. Mountbatten-Windsor) is quite wealthy in his own right, primarily from a mail-order party supplies business called Party Pieces.
  4. My wife recently announced that while she did consider marrying William, my charm and natural good looks (which are steadily maintained by weekly visits to the Shangri-La Spa in Dubai) were far too great a temptation to overcome. My one fault in comparison is I have only three castles.
  5. The population of the UK based upon the most recent survey is 61,838,154.
  6. The annual budget for the entire royal family is approximately £37,117,000. That is £.60022814 per UK citizen. Used this bad boy to do the math.

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