Observations: Getting back into it

As is my custom every year at this time I crawl out of the deep abyss of long hours at the office only to find my previously sculpted physique has withered away and now resembles a man of 82 who has embraced a rather poor diet. But I never fear, I have put the pieces back together before….the road is just a bit steeper each passing annum. A few thoughts in light of my current focus:

1. To the meathead leering at the woman on the stair master and  attempting to squat more than 4,000 lbs in some adolescent fantasy where you are an Olympic weightlifter, she is not impressed by your howls that might be mistaken as coming from the delivery unit a the nearby hospital. She has actually given birth and emitted 25% of the decibels you feel so necessary to communicate your athletic prowess. 

2. In keeping with the Olympic weightlifting theme, there is a commercial currently being played featuring a Russian mogul who uses an actual Olympic weightlifter to work out for him while benefitting from the results. Is this a viable option? Very interested. Please advise if you are aware of how to pursue the avenue.


2 thoughts on “Observations: Getting back into it

  1. Just for the record.. I love the word abyss. Im going to work in my conversations today, especially at the gym.

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