So you think you are a star?

The ability of any individual to publish content that can be viewed around the word is expanding at an intense pace through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, WordPress, and the list goes on. The downside is there is a huge amount of noise. Everyone thinks they are a star (I am a bit different in that a I know it). The upside is you have this blog which acts as a noise filter and brings you only the finest content worthy of your intellectual capacity. And with this in mind, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you three people who are legitimate stars.

Who says the 4 strings of the Ukulele can’t compete with the six of the guitar (Could be twelve if you look like this guy)?

I have memorized this speech and say it to myself every day in the bathroom mirror before hopping into my Maserati Gran Turismo .

It starts slow and the cinematography leaves something to be desired but you will thank yourself for your endurance in the end.

And that, Ladies and Gentleman, is why you read this blog (If this is not why you read this blog then just disregard and continue reading it for whatever reason it is that you do read it).


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