Miniature art from yesteryear

Until recently I was unaware of the rather lengthy history of stamps. After reading this first sentence you may think “Could he write upon a subject more boring?” Stay with me a bit longer and you will see fantastic vistas that have never yet beset your eyes.

Postage stamps were first affixed to mail in May of 1840 in the United Kingdom. In February 1842 a new carrier service called “City Dispatch Post” began operations in New York City, introducing the first adhesive postage stamp ever produced in the western hemisphere, which it required its clients to use for all mail and costing a raucous $.03 (If you choose to challenge any these facts please consult Wikipedia, keeping in mind of course I may well have edited that content to support assertions herein).

With the US Postal System entering it’s death throes the stamp will, no doubt, become a relic of the past. But this does not mean we  should deprive our ourselves the opportunity to feast our eyes upon these diminutive, in size only, miniature art from yesteryear.

The first issue of stamps for the colony of Canada was made in 1851.
This early stamps of Bulgaria were designed by Georgi Yakovlev Kirkov, show the Loin of Bulgaria Coat of Arms, and were printed by the Russian State Printing Works in St. Petersburg. 1882
Louis Napoleon became Emperor Napoleon III in 1852 and his head appears on the stamps of the 1853-61 series.
Before the annexation of Hawaii by the United States in 1898, the country had been independent and until 1893 a monarchy. American Missionaries had settled in the islands from 1820 and much of the mail was to and from the United States. 1852
The first general issue of stamps for British India appeared in 1854. These were printed from lithographic stones at the office of the Surveyor-General, in Calcutta.
The first stamps of New South Wales were issued in 1850.
The second issue of postage stamps for Spain appeared in 1851 in blue.
During the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 the Confederate States issued their own stamps.
The first Western Australian stamp was issued in 1854 and was printed by Perkins, Bacon in London. (Editor’s Comment: It’s unclear whether or not Perkins, Bacon printed extra postage to mail the first postage or not.)

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