Money, Money, Money, Money

You know the song. We hear it. We think, “I could use some more of that. I quite thoroughly enjoy it when I come right down to it. And I really don’t have enough of it. I am nowhere near rich.”Or are you.

Let’s assume you make 25% less than the average female in the United States according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That would be $26,222 (The average income of male is $45,485 while the average income of Women is $35,549. The income gap is a topic for another conversation). According to the Global Rich List, a website that provides a visual representation and numerical placement of your income in comparison to the rest of the word based upon figures from the World Bank Development Research Group, you fall out pretty nicely. Top 9.36% is not to bad.

Global Rich List

A few more data points:

  • If your income is at the US Poverty Level per the US Census Bureau ($11,161) you are in the top 13.06%
  • If your income is $50,000 you are in the top .98%
  • If you in come is $75,000 you are in the top .82%
  • If you barely break through six figures at $100,001 you are in the top .66%

While we could all debate the validity of the data underlying The Rich List I could not help but have a healthier perspective on the wealth I do enjoy. Even assuming the figures are off by 25% the person with earnings at the poverty level would be in the top 40% of income earners.

Thanks to w_d_hoffer for sharing The Global Rich List.


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