Why the farmers market?

Organic. Local. Homegrown. Family farm. Fair Trade Certified. 

These are a few of the buzzwords and phrases that the marketing whiz kids drop into every form of advert to get us into their client’s stores. The words draw us in, appealing to something deep rooted. A farmers market recently set up shop in the backyard of our neighborhood. It’s small, maybe 20 vendors, but it bustled with patrons perusing the food stands. We bought eggs and sirloin steaks from West Wind Farms, gazpacho from none other than Mad Mama’s, and tomatoes and eggplant from Dillwood Farms (you can keep up with them on Twitter). The prices were competitive with the big box grocery stores just down the road.

But one thing was different. I enjoyed the experience of shopping. There were my neighbors out and about. I got to meet the vendors. The folks from West Wind Farms got up at 2AM that morning to bring their product to market. I think that’s it for me. The personal interaction. These are small business that know their product and their customers. And we know them. It’s a nice change of pace. I don’t care that organic is cool. I am not sure the food is infinitely more healthy (I know, I just started a war with some of you. For the sake of brotherhood ignore my ignorance). I will not stop shopping at Publix or Wholefoods. But if I have the choice I will choose the personal interaction of the Brookhaven farmers market as often as possible.

Hope to see you there. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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