To find the perfect app: There is an app for that.

I know the feeling. You just can’t ever find apps to buy…. So that comment is slightly obtuse but there are a few sinews of truth contained therein. I can find apps to buy but finding the right app, the app that will do what I want, is the trouble. Generally I know an app that does some of what I want but not everything.  To complicate matters the App Store just crossed 100,000 different Apps. So I am sure the app I want is there but that is a lot to sort through. Until you buy the app to help you buy apps. I present to you Discovr.

Discovr allows you to visually identify related apps based upon an app you are already you know. Let’s walk through an example. I like iPhone photo apps. Hipstamatic is one of my favorites but it has certain limitations and I’d like to find apps that provide additional options. So I type that app in the search field.

And here is the result.

I decide Retro Camera looks like a candidate so I  drill down on it by double tapping the icon to read the app store specifics.

Looks promising but let’s see other apps similar to it. I click once on the Retro Camera app to expand the search even further.

Ultimately you can continue to expand your search until you have a whole web of related apps. The visualization of apps that Discovr provides is incredibly helpful versus blindly stumbling through the app store categories.

Well worth the $1.99.

Oh, yeah, I chose the Retro Camera app after all.


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