Three ways I am writing more efficiently

I started blogging about a year ago. For me it was a creative outlet that I had been missing. I set a goal to post at least once a week. This is not always easy. I have a job (many find it surprising that I am not a professional writer given quality of content found here but, alas, it is true), a family, and a very demanding social life as you can imagine. To meet my goal I have had to learn to write more efficiently. Here are the three ways I am doing that:

1. I do not write within my publishing tool. I use a WordPress theme on my site. It’s a great publishing tool and obviously it has the built in functionality to write within the tool. But here is what that looks like.

There are to many distractions to write in your publishing tool. I would end up searching for photos to insert, adjusting the font, etc. which then resulted in the the content becoming choppy. So I predominately write in Evernote. This allows me to get my content down crisply. Then I import it into WordPress to publish.

2. I use Evernote. So this sounds like my previous point but it’s not. Evernote has capabilities far beyond the word content of your blog. When I am accosted by a topic or idea (I say accosted because that is what ideas do. They come upon you unannounced and leave just as quickly) I open a new note and jot down the high points. Evernote also sinks between my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. So I always have access to the concepts and content I am working on. If I happen across a photo I want to include in my blog I can attach it. (Editors Note: If you are looking for a very good set up blogs on how to use Evernote I highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s series on this app.)

3. I started giving myself time limits. Yes, the same draconian time limit concept that my parents used to enforce on me when it came to watching TV and playing video games. After my time limit was up I had to go outside and play with friends, ride a dirt bike, or play basketball. In retrospect I am not so certain that watching TV and playing video games was not the real punishment. I will spend hours upon hours on a single blog post tweaking it, rewriting it, trying to find better photos to include, etc. But generally this does not lead to a better blog. After all it’s just a blog. And if you spend all your time blogging you will have nothing to write about except blogging. Except this particular post, it’s not like I didn’t have anything else to write about…and with that I am going to do something else.


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