A Retro Review: Retro Camera

So Hipstamatic might want to look over its shoulder, something similar to what the leader of the Tour de France might do. There is a new iPhone photo app in the pack called Retro Camera (see how I discovered it here). You are now salivating with blogging delight in Pavlovian response to the realization a blog is reviewing this new app and you will be, once again, armed with the latest tools for iPhone artistry. So here it is:


  • No winding & waiting. If you use Hipstamatic then you are acquainted with the nine shot limit, which, upon being breached, requires that the roll of film wind itself. This is not a quick process process.
  • It’s one more option in the iPhone camera bag.
  • There are no combinations of film, lenses, and flashes like you have in Hipstamatic. You just pick a camera, point and shoot.
  • Not everyone is using it so your photos will not look like everyone else’s. Athough I am sure this post will catapult it into mainstream consumption.


  • The adds on the bottom of the camera body are a bit annoying
  • It’s one more option in he iPhone Camera bag
  • Pictures do not save into your iPhone Camera Roll. You have to manually click each photo to save it to your Camera Roll.
  • The resolution of the photos is not as good as Hipstamatic or the basic iPhone camera app.
  • I have found it can be a bit buggy from time to time.

I took it out for a spin around town or rather toys to give you an idea on the look each camera provides. The name of the camera utilized for each photo is in the caption.

The FudgeCan
Xoloroid 2000
The Pinhole Camera
The Barbl
Xoloroid 2000
Little Orange Box

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