The stay at home working mom: You can’t handle it.

This post serves primarily as “remember this next time” note. I sit here at 7:30 PM exhausted, no aroma of a spectacular meal arising from the kitchen, and un-showered (I apologize for this appalling description but unfortunately I did find myself in exactly this predicament). With respect to the deficiency in my bathing it’s not that I hadn’t tried. It’s that my daughter determined that arising at an hour typically reserved for those in their 70’s was an appropriate wake-up call (Another item I would like to clarify before I arrive there, why is it that individuals breaching 70 seem to think 5 AM a normal hour for rising?).

And thus it hit me. My wife does this day in and day out. Oh, and on top of that she also works a very demanding part time job involving very sick children. Most view her as a stay at home mom who works a few days a week. But they would be ignorant. The “good” mother of today is supposed to have perfect children, maintain an immaculate house, cook like an Italian grandmother, have a rewarding highly, compensating career, volunteer ad nauseam, and, oh yes, look something like a model. And God forbid you are a stay at home mom. All of that should be so simple. Or so the ignorant wretch who presumes to understand the incessant pounding pressure of motherhood.

Today, in my go at it, I managed to keep the child breathing, vacume one floor of the house, heat up the meals my wife had previously prepared for our daughter, pay the lawnman (I can’t be expected to cut the grass after all), and get in half a workout – P45x as I call it. At 5:30 I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown barring an intervention of adult conversation as my daughter and I had written a thesis on the various pronunciations of the phrase “boo boo” throughout the day.

So here, as I have said before, is to the Mothers. You have got it going on. I can’t wait to go back to my job tomorrow. Goodnight.


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