Is it really politics as usual? Why yes, yes it is.

As the presidential election season continues to break upon us like some poor pebble trapped beneath the onrushing torrent of Niagara Falls we can find comfort in one fact: We are not alone. Throughout our history as a nation the macabre circus that surrounds elections has been withstood by many previous generations. In this we can surely take heart and march to the finish line. If you for some reason find yourself in the political doldrums where you can’t possibly see how it could have ever been worse and doubt my sage here is a sampling of political cartoons from 1844 to 1860. Sound familiar?
The Political Gymnasium – 1860 (Clicking on each image provides additional commentary. Don’t act like your not impressed.)
The Presidential Sweepstakes of 1844.
The Great Footrace for the Presidential Purse – 1852
The Political Siamese Twins – 1864
Political Guillotine – 1850
An Available Candidate – 1848
Actually, maybe we don’t have it so bad…

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