Who/what is your lifeguard?

On a recent trip to the beach with my family there was frequent observations of the team of lifeguards that patrolled the sun-kissed sands upon which we traipsed. The life guards had a fairly robust exercise regimen that would begin around 11AM and last to 3 PM. While we all certainly never hoped to require their services it was good to observe they would not collapse out of exhaustion to the extent we did need aid after being sucked under by a riptide.

While teetering on the edge of a sun induced coma I began to ponder the things that I find security in and whether or not they make sense.  Is it my God, my family, my status in society, me, the number of Twitter followers I have (if you are not one then you should consider it), etc? Obviously it makes more sense to trust the fit lifeguard vs. the buoyant lifeguard (buoyant not in the sense that he is wearing a life vest) but I tend to be much more cavalier in choosing where  I find my security when when the sea of life is tame. But when the storms roll and I start to drown start to drown under the pressure of it all I often find myself disappointed in my choice. Then I care how fit the lifeguard is and wish I had chosen more wisely.


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