So you want to be an iPhone Ansel Adams?

Sorry Mr. Adams. I have no doubt that my title has your rolling over in your grave, assuming you have an iPad down there and are reading my blog which are dubious assumptions from the start. Mr. Adams’s tools were surely much bulkier than an iPhone.

Mr. Adam’s with the original iPhone camera

To suggest that you can accomplish something approaching Mr. Adams’ artistic achievements through an iPhone warrants a visit to a medical professional skilled in the evaluation of mental frailties. However, the valley of photographic accomplishment which strains to see the mountain top summitted by Mr. Adams still can still be quite lush. To assist you in exploring this valley I wanted to share the three iPhone camera apps that I believe are must haves. To assure you I have done an appropriate amount of research I have nine camera apps on my phone currently.

1. QuickPix – This app takes a picture as soon as you open it. If you are attempting to take a shot of events quickly transpiring this tool is helpful. Even more helpful, this app allows you to control focus, exposure, and white balance with a touch of the screen. This is my go to app to take photos.

2. MagicHour – You can take pictures and process them using this app, however, I use it for the latter. Step one is to scale photos to a square format (i.e. 2×2, 4×4, etc.). Then you have the ability to apply various preset filters (45 in total) that come with the app. You can also create a virtually unlimited number of custom filters.

3. Camera+ – This is another processing app. What it provides in comparison to Magic Hour is a number of “scene” settings that allow you to “fix” or “enhance” your photos. I am a big fan of the clarity scene. I think that the filters included here are not as goods those included in Magic hour. There are a few borders here that are not available in MagicHour and you can include comments directly on the border. In addition, there is no scaling requirement in Camera+. You can scale it to any dimension you like.

For $6 you can have all of these apps. Hardly an investment compared to that made by Mr. Adams. If you still need convincing here are a few examples of the results of these apps.


21 thoughts on “So you want to be an iPhone Ansel Adams?

  1. Paul, you had me at the headline, which gave me my first laugh of the day! Great apps, which I will immediately add to my trusty iPhone camera. In the end, it is the eye that takes the photo but good tools certainly make it a pleasure.

  2. Hi there
    Great blog post. Have you tried Snapseed and Filterstorm? Filterstorm has a great way of checking the EXIF data and then reducing the quality and MP of any photo before emailing it and Snapseed has a great filter/enhancement called ‘ambiance’ which seems to bring outnthe colours of the mid tones. Great apps 🙂
    Merry Christmas <:-)

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