A blog-off: 1 guy. 10 Gifts < $10 each


This is an intense blog-off post in response to a challenge issued to myself and @matthewldonald by @atltsx. It will determine who is the better blogger and the loser will never blog again (The last statement was a blatant lie aimed at heightening your anticipation and, given your obvious love and devotion to “a blog“, motivate you to comment how much better this blog is than Matthew’s).

So here is the challenge. Top ten gifts for a guy under $10. People always say “That guy has everything” or “He only wants an Aston Martin and that is far more than I am willing to spend on him”. Well that is actually incorrect. There are things he wants that don’t cost that much. This list is based on the undeniable fact that every man wants a day where he does not have to do anything which really means a day to do what only he wants. Hang on, this is about to be amazing.

1. A pass to do nothing for an entire day. Absolutely nothing. $0 – This costs you nothing. You like my list better already.

2. Thunderball – $9.99– On a day where a man has to do nothing he will inevitably invite his buddies over to watch football. But the games don’t start until noon. This will bridge the gap.

3. T-shirt – $7.99On a day where he has to do absolutely nothing a man needs an incredibly comfortable T-shirt. Your guy may not look as good as the model in the photo but he feels better because he is do nothing today.

4. Gift him these 3 apps to document the day of doing nothing –

1. Hipstamatic – $1.99

2. Camera+ – $1.99

3. Incredibooth – Free

(Editors Note: I am giving away these three apps to the first three people to comment on both this post and Matthew’s post.)

5. Football – $9.84 This should be obvious but all games have a half time where the guy and his buddies obviously would want to play football.

6. George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation-$9.95What? You think your guy is not sophisticated enough for this. Try me. You will be surprised when he starts dropping George Washington-esque genius in every day conversation.

7. Maglite – $8– If there is one thing certain in the world it is that during the day of nothing something will come up requiring the use of a Maglite. A pilot light will be out in the crawlspace. The guy and his buddies may need to go into the attic to determine if they could add a second floor to the house during the afternoon. You get the picture. The Maglite is essential to survival in the modern world.

8. Cufflinks $9.00 – Obviously when the football is over a dinner is in order. A dinner in a place with many leather-bound books and rooms that smell of rich mahogany. You have to wear cufflinks to a place link that.

9. Johnny Cash – $9.90 – Purchase 10 songs off this list. These Tunes will provide the entertainment on the way to aforementioned dinner

10. Moleskin notebook – $.6.80 – to document this amazing day of doing nothing.

Oh wait. The total on these gifts is only $ 75.45. Looks like this lucky guy also gets a watch.

So there you have it. Cast your vote below. The choice is yours. I trust your conscience has told you what to do.


6 thoughts on “A blog-off: 1 guy. 10 Gifts < $10 each”

  1. Looks like you brought your “A” game to this blog-off. I like your cuff links and will probably be getting a pair. Ironically, I asked for a Mag flashlight for Christmas this year. Great list overall and I will evaulate it against mine ( t.co/7MA8qYLU ) and get back to you very soon. Signed, Your Nemisis

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