The Incredibooth field guide {aka: The booth guide}

Incredibooth has become one of my favorite iPhone camera apps because it fills a nitch that no other camera apps even think to slide into. The idea is really quite simple (& makes you  think, “Why didn’t I come up with this?”). In short, it’s a photo booth on your iPhone. Yes, a photo booth like you used to see in a movie theater arcade. “And how is this different than any other camera app? I can take photos of my friends using any of them”, you might say. And this is what I thought, at least until I downloaded it.

Similar to its cousin Hipstamatic, Incredibooth has a nostalgic and emotional element that is wonderfully captured in its photos. I love photo apps but when I am taking photos of my family or friends I inevitably used Hipstamatic and now Incredibooth.

A few quick tips:

1. You can rotate the dial at the bottom of the App to change the lens in your Incredibooth. There are four that come with the standard app. And of course, the folks at Synthetic Corp will sell you add-ons.

2. Once you have taken your photos you can share all four that are taken in the photo booth series or you can select just one. Sharing the entire strip is pretty easy. Here is how to share a single image:

(Editors note: If you are wondering why @pjc21 would find himself in the get-up above there is a simple answer. He received a tacky Christmas sweater challenge, he competed with great vigor, and he won.)

3. Incredibooth is a great way to get a new profile picture for your various social media addictions without being one of those folks who take a picture of themselves in a bathroom mirror. Stay classy.

4. Use it with your friends and family. It brings out the character in everyone.

How do you use Incredibooth?


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