I cheated


I don’t like it any more than you do. Christmas was coming. People requested gift ideas. I follow @ChrisCampTN on Twitter. He tweeted a link to this website and thus the great battle in my conscience began.

All the photos that I post here are iPhoneography. I certainly use a number of editing apps but capturing the shot itself is has been limited to the one device I always have with me. Nothing more and nothing less, until that fateful day. After several nights without sleep I caved. I put the Olloclip on my Google Docs Christmas list and of course it showed up in a meticulously wrapped package a few weeks later.

It has been in my pocket ever since. After reviewing the results the sting of my compromise has softened and now that I have confessed my cheating ways all is well. Here it is.


A few quick notes on the Olloclip:

1. It has three lenses. Fisheye, macro, and wide angle. I have found the first two to be the most useful thus far.

2. One of the few downsides (other than the heavy burden it will weigh on your purist iPhoneography conscience) is your iPhone must be case free when using the Opticlip. For the iPhone protectionist this is hard step to take but without great risk there can not be great reward.

3. Here are a few examples of what this device can achieve. I think we can all agree my cheating has produced some impressive results:


Macro lens – This is the blade of a pocket knife that is about 2.5 inches long.


Fisheye lens – Mound of delicious coffee beans


Macro lens – Morning frost melting.


9 thoughts on “I cheated

  1. I would see it as an “enhancement” to your iphoneography vs. a cheating. Just using the tools of the trade that are available to enhance your imagery.

    1. Lynn – it is a very cool tool but I agree with you. Get comfortable with the apps you like and whenever you are ready for something else this is a nice change of pace.

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