To the Dads with Daughters

This last summer I was able to spend time with my daughter and it was very different from time we have spent together before. This may be because she has yet to reach her second year but nonetheless three things were illuminated in my mind (a mind which seems to be quite dimly lit in retrospect).

1. Walk down the beach and talk with her as long as she wants even if she seems to be speaking another language (you are not that bright so assume it’s Cantonese and she is bilingual)

2. Protect her. It’s not because she is weak. We protect the Mona Lisa and it’s a painting. We protect Israel and it’s a country. Protect your daughter because she is better than both.

3. Hang on. You are probably at least 20 years her senior. My guess is when we are laying in a hospital bed at the end of this grand journey and everyone else assumes we are done for and gone then we will probably be glad we did 1 & 2.


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