Foursquare: Why? (Checkout my check-ins)

There are tons of ways to check in at a venue now and a number of them are integrated into larger social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.) are very popular. But I still prefer FourSquare. The reasons for me are:

1. I like that I can decide when I let people know where I am at. Often times I will check in at a place as a note to myself  so I can refer others that might enjoy it or maybe even blog about it. This is especially useful when I travel because I have an amazing propensity to forget names. But the folks I interact with on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ in all likelihood do not care to see all the places I check in, if any of them. If I think they might find some value in the check in then I can hit the Twitter button and roll it to Facebook as well by adding the #FB hashtag. (I am still waiting for a G+ work around. If you know of one let me know).

2. I use it to satisfy my iPhone Photography habit and to advertise. I know, you are thinking, “How sad. He is blogging about Foursquare and doesn’t understand how it works. It’s the venue who gets the press when you check in”. And here is where my genius shows through. The majority of the time I check in I leave a photo related to the venue on Foursquare. That photo may be viewed by other people who check into that same venue, people who I do not interact with otherwise. On the bottom of my photos I leave a link to my blog.

Why do you use Foursquare?

Other Foursquare quick hits:

  • You can now display your check ins on Google Maps. Check out this how to blog post. Takes approximately 30 seconds.
  • Here are some photos from my check ins during 2011.

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