The B-side

One thing I have quickly learned during my rather Crusade like march through iPhoneography is that volume typically leads to quality. I am not a trained photographer (I know this may come as a deep shock to many of you but we must all steady ourselves and take face towards the truth). I find my way through practice. The beautiful thing about iPhoneography is there is no limit on the number of photos you can take.

Each Thursday I post a photo in the Views worth viewing series. This is one photo that I thought would meet the scrutiny of your surgeon’s eye and prove itself worthy. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it does not. Nonetheless, what no one knows is how many photos I take that never get close to being presented to you. Ask my wife, it’s a lot. My iPhone iCloud Photostream is littered with the carcasses of my iPhoneography failures.

To demonstrate my great humility I thought it worthy to show you my B-side. Please deal sparingly with me.

Snap, or rather tap, away.







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