Finally, a new Instagram filter has arrived: Sierra. iPhoneographers rejoice.

Instagram was my first iPhoneography app. Since then things have gotten a bit, shall we say, out of control. I rarely use Instagram now. I moved on because I got bored with the lack of new filters.

But lo and behold the folks at Instagram have released a new filter called Sierra yesterday evening. Oh, happy day.


I have not had long to try it out but thus far I like it.



I would suggest updating your app. What do you think about Instagram?


8 thoughts on “Finally, a new Instagram filter has arrived: Sierra. iPhoneographers rejoice.

  1. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I don’t care for instagram….at all. I have used tons of photo apps and I find that I like the ones that give me the most control (snapseed.) I don’t want to apply a filter and call it a wrap. I want to become immersed in the creative process, even if it only lasts 5 minutes.

    I did download instagram and checked it out so I could compare it to all the other apps I’ve tried. It didn’t last more than 3 minutes on my phone because it didn’t take long to realize it just wasn’t for me.

    1. Completely understand. I am a big fan of Snapseed, PhotoToaster, etc. as well. I enjoy those quite a bit. But every now and then you need a good “point and shoot” app. I think Hipstamatic is my choice there.

  2. Paul, I’ve been giving the iPhone apps a whirl but I think I am too spoiled by Photoshop. I DO love the camera in the iPhone4S though, it is a significant improvement over the 3. But I still enjoy hearing about the apps 🙂

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