Postcards are so…. Today. { A guide to Postagram }

A year or so ago I started mailing postcards to my wife and daughter when I travelled. No one would could accuse me of being the definition of consistency in this endeavour but you can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing {there is also a frustrating conundrum if you some how screw up the note on the postcard. You can’t erase it without screwing up the postcard and so then you always have to buy at least two of the same postcard just in case, assuming you are slightly anal}.

But now, now I have a secret weapon. I do everything on my iPhone and iPad. I have an iPhoneography addiction. And now I have Postagram. This app Is what I needed. Instead of hunting through the cheesy, touristy postcards in some corner drugstore I can personalize the whole experience with a photo I have taken and “create” postcard using Postagram. Here is how it works:

1. Download Postagram
2. Take the picture
3. Do the following:


4. Postagram does the rest, including mailing an actual physical postcard to the receipient. Cost: $1 per postcard, also known as peanuts.
5. Grab another bite of your bran muffin ( it’s so efficient you finished the postcard before you finished your breakfast at Starbucks – I would actually recommend Library Coffee as an alternative) and smile while thinking about how much the recipient will enjoy their postcard.


9 thoughts on “Postcards are so…. Today. { A guide to Postagram }

  1. Hey Paul, thanks so much for the love! Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever sent a Postagram from?

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