How to be an iPhoneographer: {Borders}

I love borders. Not the ones that have armed guards (although I do enjoy crossing those). There is nothing that sets off a great photo better than a great border. Yet for some reason the number of apps with borders approaching a baseline level of decency are shockingly absent. In terms of a basic set of borders Camera+ leads the pack. But what if you want a border that really stands out? After all everyone owns Camera+, particularly after reading the “How to be an iPhoneographer” guides. Please do not even mention Instagram. Facebook now has that app in the palm of their social media hand. I will assume future positive develops to Instagram are now relegated to wishful thinking at best.

Thanks to a stellar recommendation by JamesCHunter and an incessant searching of the App Store {here is a good way to do that by the way} by yours truly there are two apps that are breathing new life into the previously stale and rotting world of borders. The following are but a foretaste of the myriad of options that await your more than capable iPhone wielding hand.






  • tadaa (I know it sounds gimmicky title but them so is Instagram)










5 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: {Borders}

      1. I don’t have any of the border-specific apps. I’m going to play around with these. Others I like are Pic Grunger, Lego Photo (kind of like Percolator, but turns your stuff into a photo made of Legos…my kids love it), QuadCamera and 360.

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