How to be an iPhoneographer: {the #hashtags}


(Editors Note: I posted an update to this post here.)

Inherent in the concept of iPhoneography is the ability to share the here and now with them over there. Most iPhoneographers use a social media outlet. Instagram has become the largest dedicated iPhoneography sharing service with over 40 million users. Linking Instagram posts to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. is simple and provides for easy distribution of the content to other networks. But here is the struggle. I don’t want to actually follow every single iPhoneographer in the world. It would clutter my timeline. It’s also impossible to make a list capturing all iPhoneographers unless you have unlimited amount of time.

Enter the #hashtag. It is the great organic organizer because the user defines content themselves which takes the weight off your shoulders. But there are a myriad of hashtags iPhoneographers are using on the myriad of social and sharing networks. While hashtags are often used to describe elements of the given shot there typically are one or two “keys” that sweep the content into the iPhoneography current of the social media ocean. So which hashtag(s) should you use to distribute your masterpieces to the masses?

Utilizing Topsy Labs Social Analytics to build a graph utilizing a few of the popular hashtags produces the following results:

20120414-090242.jpgInitially I was shocked that #Photography had 3X as many tweets as #iPhoneography or #iPhonesia. I have been missing the mark using #iPhoneography as my primary hashtag. And then, what about #Instagram? This is where it gets ugly.


#Instagram runs all over #Photography but the trendline included significant peaks and valleys, which I assumed was largely attributed the annoucement of the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook during the preceeding week. Dicing the data a bit more finely to one week and further to the last 24 hrs the trend lines became slightly more normalized.



While there is noise in the data it is very clear to me that #Instagram is by far the most popular hashtag for iPhoneography. You can probably guess what I am going to be adding to the end of my iPhoneography tweets from hence forth.


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