How to be an iPhoneographer: The 645 Pro Summary & Quick Start Guide

I downloaded 645 Pro three weeks ago. It has usurped QuickPix as my go to iPhone camera as my go to app. 645 Pro now maintains this place on my iPhone dock.


So, why use an app other than iCamera?

The iCamera app is a great point and shot app. But if you want more control over the shot you have to branch out. QuickPix was the first camera app that gave me the incremental amount of control for which I was looking. But 645 Pro has taken it to the next level. Here are the pros and cons.


1. Significant control – there are six different different camera backs, 6 film modes (including 3 B& W film modes), white balance, timer, meter, etc.

2. Launch Time – you hit the app icon and 645 Pro is up and running immediately. I have had issues with QuickPix freezing in start up which is very frustrating when trying to capture a specific moment (i.e. you have a child that never sits still for more than two seconds).

3. Image file quality – this is where the real advantage lies. 645 Pro allows you to save 3 levels of JPEG files. Most camera apps compress image files which dilutes image quality. My advice, select the highest quality JPEG file setting. I have noted a significant improvement in the quality of my photos.

If you like to edit photos on your laptop 645 Pro also gives you the option to save dRAW files. See page 28 of the 645 Pro manual for more details.


1. Significant control – the user manual is 30 pages (albeit small pages) long. This is not an app you will download and be rolling with successfully in two minutes (unless of course your read this blog). It might take you 30.

2. I find the control panel on the left hard to manipulate. The buttons are really small on an already small iPhone screen. However, with a bit of practice I have become much more adept at using them.

Quick start guide

If you are contemplating downloading the app but are intimidated by the number of features this post will save the day. Set your 645 Pro app settings as follows:



You are ready to roll.


24 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: The 645 Pro Summary & Quick Start Guide

  1. Hmmm, I’m completely intrigued that it allows saving in TIFF mode; to me this is the most significant feature as compression as a jpg is always lossy and one of the main reasons I continue to shoot on my DSLR too. Sounds like a “must try” app!

  2. Great post! I have downloaded the app, but haven’t spent much time with it yet! I’ll have take another look at it!

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