#iPhoneography apps for a trip

Headed to the UK tonight. Here are the apps I am taking with me:

1. Fusioncam (post on this app coming shortly)
2. 645 Pro
3. D-Series (post on this app also coming shortly)

I feel that I need a 4th. I am currently choosing between Wood Camera and Camera Bag. Can I get a vote?

As a side note I am getting to see the birthplace of a her0 of mine . I believe he would have appreciated iPhoneography.


13 thoughts on “#iPhoneography apps for a trip

  1. Paul, thanks for leading me to this. I can see the enjoyment to Wood Camera, particularly as I come from a LF camera background shooting 4×5 & 8×10 (+ half plate somewhere along the line). Now you’ve shown it too me I’ll buy it I reckon.
    Mind you it ain’t gonna stop me shooting real LF, I’m afraid that that’s a little too ingrained in my psyche.
    Keep at it tho & enjoy the London trip. If you’re here for long enough & a chat over coffee then email/text me & we’ll see what we can do. J

    1. Great, I hope you enjoy the app. I downloaded it and overall I am pretty impressed.

      Unfortunately this is going to be a quick trip over the pond. I am just hoping to have enough time to grab a bit of iPhoneography in the fleeting breaks.

      1. I see attraction of the Woody. I’ll sort it out in a week or so. Have just begun to get to grips with the Pro 645 app which is curious as I’ve recently transferred by pro MF shooting from analogue Hasselblad to digital Phase One & then there’s an app to mirror them. Crazy photo world. Hope the trip works out well for you.

  2. I am a huge fan of 645 Pro. I started using about 4 weeks ago. I had been quite frustrated with the compression on iPhone images and was looking for an improvement. 645 Pro provided that.

    These trips are always busy but hopefully I get to explore a bit.

    1. Awesome. I am still trying to figure Fusioncam out. Nonetheless it creates some pretty cool images. Let us know when you start posting your Fusioncam images.

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