How to be an iPhoneograper: The 645 Pro update. Do you have it.


As I am sure many of you have noted, the folks at updated the 645 Pro App this week. 645 Pro continues to be my go-to camera app.

While you probably have updated your apps, I find it helpful to understand what the key updates are to maximize the usefulness of the app. So here is a quick screen shot summary:




There are a number of great fixes in this update to 645 Pro. I am most excited about the improvement in the film and camera back buttons. This is one of the biggest drawbacks to 645 Pro that I identified in the initial review of the app.

What 645 Pro update are you most interested in seeing?


17 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneograper: The 645 Pro update. Do you have it.

  1. Hey Paul, I know you love this app, but I’ve not had much fun using it. It seems very slow and I don’t care for the JPEGs it produces. What settings do you tend to go with? Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

    I want to give this thing a fair shot since so many people love it.

    1. It’s interesting that it is running slow for you. I have not had that issue. Have you tried removing and re-installing?

      From a settings perspective I use:
      Tune image

      I almost always go through the first 2 every edit.

  2. Wow, this one has a ton of features. Might have to get a closer look, for sure. I personally use Photoforge2 the most. What are some other recent finds you like?

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