How to be an iPhoneographer: D-Series {Disposable?}

D-Series was added to the App Store in late 2011 as a free app without much fanfare and is, essentially, a digital version of the disposable camera. That’s right, remember this?

Front view of a Kodak disposable camera. Photo...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D-Series is the 4th app by the folks at Synthetic (the others being Hipstamatic, Incredibooth, Swanko lab). I own all of them but did not immediately jump onto the D-Series bandwagon. After all, isn’t the iPhone the ultimate disposable camera? You can see your shots before they are developed, you are not limited to 24 shots, and you don’t have to actually remember to take it the camera store to have it developed? So, why do you need D-Series? Before that question can be answered you must understand how D-Series works.

D-Series: How does it work?
D-Series has very basic functionality. When you open D-Series you have the option to start a new camera (this is also the screen on which you can view other cameras that you have not completed).20120521-134548.jpg

Next you select the D-Series camera. The app comes with two standard cameras (D-Fault and D-Lite). You can quickly get a 3rd (MegaZuck 84) by linking the app to your Facebook account. Each D-Series camera has a different look (i.e. think different lens/film combos within Hipstamatic). If you want more looks you can buy them for $.99.20120521-134650.jpg

Next you select a sticker for the the D-Series camera. There are three labels to choose from and you can select various different colors. D-Series automatically adds your location and the current date but you can edit these fields.20120521-134738.jpg

I was headed to the airport as I wrote this post and changed the location to where I was actually headed.


Finally, you are ready to share the D-Series roll with others. This is done via Facebook. To share a D-Series roll with your friends they must have the app on their phone and have it linked to Facebook).

There are 24 shots on the roll. You can’t see any of the images until all 24 shots have been taken. The only control you have over the images now is to turn a flash off and on or too slide the slider below the viewer to adjust the intensity of the camera effect being applied to each respective shot.


After all 24 shots have been taken you can view and save them to your Camera roll or share them via email, Facebook, etc. As a side note, everyone else who was on the roll can also save and share the shots so don’t take a picture of anything you don’t want on Facebook.

How to use D-Series:
You now understand D-Series but how should you use it. I have found that Sharing a D-Series roll tied to a specific event with others is a lot of fun. Here are a few ideas:
1. A trip – This is really interesting because everyone gets to document the trip from their point of view. Here are a few excerpts from a recent trip with my wife.
2. A wedding. Remember back in the day when you would show up at a wedding reception and there was a disposable camera on your table? When was the last time you saw that? Well now you don’t need to have a time machine take you back to 1994 and you don’t have to wait for the reception to get your camera (To the men reading this blog: I would advise consulting with your significant other or the bride before firing off a bunch of shots during the wedding. Stay classy). I think this would be a fantastic way for a couple to get great candid shots of their wedding with zero expense.
3. Capturing the phases of a project such as house renovations, car restoration, etc.
4. Document your day challenge. Invite several friends (preferably iPhoneographers) and everyone gets a certain number of shots from the D-Series roll to document their day. At the end of the day, once the last shot is taken you can view the results.

My advice, download it with some friends and give it a whirl.


7 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: D-Series {Disposable?}

  1. Great post! I use the app with family/friends and have a great time comparing pictures at the end of the role.

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