How to be an iPhoneographer: Fusioncam {Double exposure iPhoneography}

Fusioncam is an iPhoneography app that allows you to create digital double exposure images. Sounds fancy but it’s pretty simple. Film camera’s of yesteryear could create double exposed images with relative ease. This was accomplished by taking a photo, not advancing the film, and taking a second photo. Most people would have done this erroneously but certain photographers used this as a legitimate photographic technique. The digital era had essentially removed the ability to take double exposed images without utilizing photo editing software. Enter Fusioncam, one more app to give us a hybrid digital/analogue experience.

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of double exposed images. But as I am always eager to learn a bit more and try a new iPhoneography app I downloaded Fusioncam. The app’s interface is wonderfully simple. There are three lenses to select from, a flash, and the double exposure button. There is one border.

Here is how it works:20120521-151029.jpg

Film types

Here is a quick summary of the three film types:


3 tips
After using Fusioncam for the last week I have come up with 3 tips that significantly improved my results utilizing the app.
1.The first exposure is that of a larger object. The first shot essentially represents the background of the double exposed image. The second exposure is done on a smaller object at a much closer distance. The first shot below was of a train image. The second image was a water coaster on the train.



2. Consider taking one of the exposures in B&W and one in color. This gives the image interesting depth.20120518-172722.jpg


3. Give Fusioncam a moment to focus on the key objects before pressing the shutter button. You don’t have the luxury of setting a focus control point in Fusioncam. Fusioncam automatically focuses the frame for you but you need to give it a minute to work.

What are the downsides?

From my perspective there are four.

1. Fusioncam images do not automatically download to iPhone’s Camera Roll.

2. Once you have double exposed an image you can’t go back. This can be immensly frustrating when you are an on the fly iPhoneographer such as myself. If that first image is 4 miles away from the second image and I screw the second one up, the chances of me capturing that double exposure are pretty slim.

3. You can not import an image and then double expose the image. Everything has to be captured in and is isolated too Fusioncam.

4. There is only one border and you can’t turn it off. The Fusioncam border is a nice enhancement but if you do not want borders or want a different border you are going to have the crop the image in another camera app.

To download or not to download

At the end of the day, I have actually started to enjoy double exposed images, both taking them via Fusioncam and viewing them. A second positive is that this is not an app a lot of folks are using so what you come up with is very unique. Harder to accomplish uniqueness when using an app like Instagram. My advice, this app is worth the download.


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