How to be an iPhoneographer: Develop a workflow

iPhoneographers by nature take a high number of shots. We always have our cameras with us and the thrill of capturing drives us to tap the shutter button at an unnerving pace. While this allows iPhoneographers to capture remarkable images there are also volumes of images to process.

Developing a good workflow to process the iPhoneography images is the solution to this conundrum. For me the key to the workflow is efficiency. I want to spend my time taking and editing with little allocated to the saving, transferring, etc. of the images. My current workflow is as follows:




What is your workflow?


24 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: Develop a workflow

  1. My workflow is pretty much the same, except I do it everything from my phone… I don’t feel as though it is as efficient as it could be because some pictures never get edited/posted and my iPhone memory is usually kissing the max between pics & photography apps but it works for me due to my hectic life/schedule. I like being able to edit/post while I’m “on the run” but at the same time I feel almost overwhelmed & completely disorganized…

    1. I completely understand. It is difficult to manage the volume and get through editing everything. I regards to the space constraint, I am working a few posts that will provide a helpful workaround. I was running into the same issue and so I spent some time coming up with a fix. I hated the thought of losing a good image due to “space”.

  2. Ditto here, but I also delete, delete, delete. I edit first in the photo library by getting rid of unusables. I also do everything on my phone, including uploading photos to WP, except the writing at the very end. But yes, nice to have the app to publish from phone when necessary.

  3. I have a couple of camera apps (not yours) which I use on the iPhone. I tend to use the iPhone and snapseed, picture magic, watermark and now starting with filtermania2. I use mostly snapseed and iWatermark. I use both instagram and photobucket, some storage and framing on fotoflexer. While I blog with WordPress I keep my photos remotely and link to them. I also delete most of the photos on my camera and even in my photostream when I’m done with modifications. I even clean up my remote storage on a regular basis.

  4. Hi Paul, nice workflow idea. πŸ™‚

    I generally start with 645 PRO too now but I would use Camera+ in the first position and not as edit choice, then automatic upload using dropbox (not Apple photostream because it downsizes), then when I have time delete and edit (with a bunch of different apps). Snapseed still is a priority one for me too, and sometimes photo toaster, that I always like. And, of course, wp when I have time. Nice keynote! πŸ™‚

    1. That sounds like a pretty good workflow to me. I am just starting to use Drop Box, especially give the automatic upload feature that was just rolled out (this was a huge hold back for me to use Drop Box).

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. Yes, Camera Uploads is VERY convenient.

        By the way, it\’s the only app that has been able to manage the TIFF files produced by MPro and 645 Pro. With other apps like Cloud Photos and ReaddleDocs my TIFFs end up as JPEGs. I have contacted their respective developers but it seems that nobody knows how to fix this…

        My guess is that the standard iOS API does not allow easy TIFF files management with no re-encoding (so everything ends up as JPEG) but DropBox must be able to access the actual raw data, which may be something hand coded and which does not make use of common iOS image manipulation libraries. Of course, this is only my assumption based on my experience.

        One last thing. I have set up a dedicated DropBox account for my iPhone. Its Camera Uploads folder is shared with my regular DropBox account (which I use to sync 1Password data between my Mac and my PC). This ensures that I have no sensitive data synced by DropBox on the iPhone. I hope this makes sense.

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