How to be an iPhoneographer: A free app to grab {Label Box}

Getting something for free is nice. iPhoneography apps are no exception. Labelbox is a free app that not everyone in the world is using. Well, until now (this blog is widely popular you know). Labelbox allows you to “paste” labels on your photos. Now you ask yourself, “Why do I need Labelbox?” Well, let me tell you.

1. For the distinguished iPhoneographer for whom standard watermarks are not sohpisticated enough, Labelbox is a great way to protect your images.

2. For the iPhoneographer bloggers out there, I have used it in recent posts to label what functionality I used in an app to get a certain look. It’s a great way to visually summarize information on your image.

3. Remember how folks used to write on the back of photos the date, event, location, etc. that a photo was taken? Well now we can do that in the digital age thanks to Labelbox.

How does it work?

Now you are probably thinking “Ok, I can see how this could be useful. But does it event look halfway decent?” The answer: “Yes”. Here are a few examples of the labels that are available:


And if these aren’t enough, you can purchase more.

The interface:


Labelbox is incredible simple to use.

To download or not to download



7 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: A free app to grab {Label Box}

  1. These labels are really nice. I like that they’re more decorative than the average watermark. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve just started printing and using some of my IPhone photos on my blog. It always amazes me how well the images turn out considering it’s a phone camera.

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