How to be an iPhoneographer: The #Hashtags – Update

I am consistently amazed at the number of hashtags that the iPhoneography community uses on Twitter. This naturally gives rise to a question: What are the most efficient hashtags to use?

The answer is heavily tied to the iPhoneographers aim. For my iPhoneography, my goal is wide distribution. With that in mind I have been researching the most efficient hashtags to utilize since my original post. The number of iPhoneography related terms I have input into the analytical tools is extensive. The screenshots below revealed very interesting trends in iPhoneography related hashtags:


In my initial research I completely overlooked a basic hashtag: “Photo”. It seemed so basic but clearly it is an overwhelmingly powerful tag. What is was so astonishing to me was that it was more popular than the tag #iPhone which could be used in a myriad of different tweets (i.e. not just related to photography).

I also compared it to #News which I assumed would significantly exceed #Photo. I was wrong. This further confirmed to me the strength of the #Photo hashtag.

What does this mean for the #iPhoneographer
1. #Photo is clearly a key hashtag for wide distribution.

2. #Instagram is a key hashtag in that it is the most widely used iPhoneography app and is the most commonly associated with #iPhonegoraphy images published via Twitter.

3. Insert the apps you used to capture and create the image. This might not mean that the distribution is as wide but does make the image tied to specific searches. The Photo and Instagram hashtags puts your image into a firehouse of Twitter stream. A specific app puts you into a smaller, more select Twitter stream.

I am modifying my hashtags accordingly.



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