Hipstamatic: The Summer Guide

I opened my iPhone this morning and clicked on the calendar to see what adventures await. Shockingly it’s July. The summer has begun to fly and I realized it was high time for an iPhoneography post on the Hipstamatic combinations to use for the summer. As I have mentioned before, Hipstamatic is the app I utilize to capture iPhoneography images of my friends and family. Hipstamatic has an emotional element that makes it the perfect iPhoneography app for such situations. Here are the lens and film combinations I am utilizing this summer:

1. For outside events: James M lens & Big Up film.


2. For inside events with good lighting: Chunky lens & Big Up film


3. If you need to satisfy that B&W craving: Hornbecker lens & AO BW film


4. If you are looking to capture the deep blue yonder in an image, I have yet to find a better combination: James M lens & Kodot X Grizzled film


What Hipstamatic lens and film combos are you using?

For a summary of the basic Hipstamatic lens and film combo this post.

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