How to be an iPhoneographer: Saving your work {The iCloud work around}


The iPhoneographer generates a massive volume of pictures. The iPhoneographer uses an iPhone so he has access to the iCloud and sees it as a fantastic way to back up his work immediately. But then reality sets upon the iPhoneographer. That iCloud only holds 5 GB’s worth of data before you have to pay for more space. I also want the iCloud to back-up my contacts, email, etc. and therefore it is not entirely dedicated to my iPhoneography images. I utilize 645 Pro as my go to camera app because it offers the least amount of compression of any photo app. That also means substantially larger iPhoneography image sizes.

The incremental cost of additional iCloud space is nominal at best. But if you are an iPhoneographer like me you are going to blow through the second 5 GB of incremental space faster than you did the first. I was sitting there one day thinking, “I already utilize half my disposable income on Mac products and services. I am not buying any more iCloud space. There has to be a better work around.” So the search was on.

There were two critical requirements:

1. Photos must upload automatically.

2. No image compression (at least no meaningful compression).

In my Google+ App I remembered seeing a feature called “Instant Upload”. When it comes to “instant” with Google, Facebook, etc. the iPhoneographer has a right to be a bit tentative to flip the switch (i.e. where do my images go, who are they visible too, do I retain the rights to the images, etc). Upon doing research and a few test runs I confirmed that these photos are updated to a private album. With respect to compression there is a certain amount that occurs, however, you do have the ability to download a full size image.

And thus my initial fears were alleviated.

How to make it work:

20120701-114514.jpgA few tips:

1. The G+ app must be running on your iPhone. If you have the app closed on your iPhoneography is not uploading.

2. iPhoneographers that edit on their iPad should also have the G+ downloaded with the Instant Upload functionality enabled.

3. When turning Instant Upload on you have options to select when the app uploads (i.e. Wifi only, Wifi + Data, etc.). If you are on a limited data plan you obviously would want to selct Wifi only. I have an unlimited data plan and so I have selected to upload at all times.

4. Instant Upload does not delete your photos from your Camera roll so you can still download these photos to your computer.

5. According to Picasa, If you’ve signed up for Google+ photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards your free storage.If you do need to expand your Google storage you can get 25 GB for only $30 a year. iCloud charges you $40.


7 thoughts on “How to be an iPhoneographer: Saving your work {The iCloud work around}

    1. Greg – you are correct that the free iCloud space is not eaten up by the Photostream. However, it does back up your camera roll. My camera roll and Photostream are pretty much one in the same.

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