Hipstamatic favorites: How to save the lens and film combos that work for you

The moment is happening. Your friends look to you, knowing the incredible iPhoneograper you are, to capture it. This is a Hipstamatic moment. No question about it. You open Hipstamatic. You know the lens and film that would be perfect. But you are set on a James lens and Kodot film. Panic stars to set in. You only have 10 seconds. Now 5. Now 1. The moment has passed and you missed it. Your friends look to you for confirmation but, sadly, you have disappointed them.

The question for the committed iPhoneographer is “How do I avoid this?” This post provides the iPhoneography solution: The Favorite setting within Hipstamatic.

Here is how to create a Favorite in Hipstamatic.

Within Hipstamatic, select the image with the film and lens combo you want to utilize. Double tap that image and you will see a label with information including the lens and film combination. Next, just follow the infographic below:



A few tips:

1. If you clutter the favorites menu it becomes worthless. Keeping 3-5 favorites will optimize the usefulness of the favorites. I have 4.

2. Hipstamatic lenses and films tend to be fairly temperamental and produce good images in specific lighting conditions. Having a Favorite for the scenarios the iPhoneographer expects to encounter will produce better results en mass.

3. To find the combinations that work best will require a bit of experimentation and research. experimentation in that you will need to try different combinations and research in that you will need to review the results of the combination. When you identify an image that you like, you can tap the image to see the specific lens and film combination you used.

For the combinations I am now utilizing click here.


7 thoughts on “Hipstamatic favorites: How to save the lens and film combos that work for you

  1. Hahaha I so could have used this tip last year when I was sooo into Hipstamatic! I think that was the reason why I sorta kinda gave up on it, because I didn’t know about changing favorite settings!

    1. I agree. I got so frustrated trying to remember what worked for me and what didn’t. I would not want to risk missing a good image because I could not apply the filters afterward so I had stopped using Hipstamatic. Now I am using it quite a bit again.

      Maybe you should give it another try.

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