How to bring images to and from Camera Bag

I have been exploring different avenues to manage my iPhoneography images over the last several weeks. I wrote about how I am using Google+ as a back-up site and how I am using DropBox in my workflow.

Some folks are entirely married to editing their iPhoneography images only on their iPhone or iPad. While those are primary editing platforms, my view of iPhoneography has continued to expand. The iPhone is really just the camera that I have with me at all times and what I am trying to capture are images of my experiences. The device is secondary. As such, utilizing an editing tool that is not on my iPhone or iPad has become more acceptable.

Enter Camera Bag. I was contacted by the Camera Bag folks about writing a few “How to be an iPhoneographer” posts, which I agreed to do. (Editor’s note: While I do receive free apps and software from time to time I am not compensated in any other way. This allows me to write about iPhoneography related apps objectively). Camera Bag is desktop/laptop photo editing software. It’s the mother of the Infinicam app which I have posted about before. It’s the first time I have used a desktop based editing app consistently. The Airplay mirroring that was built into the most recent Apple IOS allows me to edit on a 50 inch screen.

One of the initial drawbacks I saw to utilizing a desktop based editing app was getting images from my iPhone to the editing software and then back to my iPhone and iPad. As I have mentioned before, simplicity in how I take, edit, and distribute images is crucial. I write blog posts in Evernote and upload pictures via the WordPress app and that has proven to be an very efficient formula for me. And if haven’t noticed, your ability to easily access your images stored in iPhoto is limited.

Utilizing the automatic upload feature from Dropbox, the import into Camera Bag is very simple.


Upon completing the editing of the image it is just as simple to save the image to Dropbox.



Every so often I drag my edited photos from my Camera Bag Dropbox folder to iPhoto. I have set my iPad to sync all photos taken in the last 12 months from iPhoto. My iPad automatically syncs to my MacBook Pro when on the same wireless network. As such, the edited images quickly arrive on my iPad and all I did was drag and drop. Working with Camera Bag on my desktop has proven to be just as efficient as my previous workflow.

3 thoughts on “How to bring images to and from Camera Bag”

    1. Cloud computing has really made the transfer of data so easy….but I am not sure it has made it any easier to organize everything. That part I am still working on….would not shock me if there was a post on it in the near term. Have a good one.

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