The downfall of Hipstamatic’s D-Series (Disposable)

It is no secret that Hipstamatic is undergoing changes. In connection with terminating all but its core staff the Company issued the following statement:

We are restructuring the company, but business is moving forward as usual. We’re heads down focused on making beautiful, creative and fun products for our community and the world. We’ll definitely be excited to share what’s next when it’s time. Source

Judgement on where the changes lead should be reserved until we see where the folks at Synthetic are headed. I think there is some interesting insight into the company as a whole here (i.e. read the CEO and President Bios). I am also not entirely convinced that iPhoneography will continue to be the main focus.

The first signal of coming changes were the removal of D-Series from the Apple App Store a few days back. While D-Series clearly did not rival the other giant iPhoneography apps, it did make a foray into an area of iPhoneography that remains in its infancy. The app allowed a user to invite friends to participate in shooting a roll of 24 images. The images were not viewable until the roll had been completed. The app allowed for social iPhoneography but forced the users to focus on capturing the moment versus snapping a photo and then putting their head down to edit the image, post to Twitter, etc. I particularly enjoyed that feature as it forced you to focus on what was occurring, composition, lighting, etc.

For the folks that have not previously downloaded D-Series you are a bit out of luck. But for those that have previously downloaded the app it continues to function, for the time being. I plan to continue to use D-Series, hope that it returns as a fully supported app (I have a roll going right now documenting a trip to the beach), but also explore other ways that a similar user experience can be achieved outside of D-Series.


4 thoughts on “The downfall of Hipstamatic’s D-Series (Disposable)

    1. I am sure your version of Hipstamatic will continue to work just fine. It’s the D-Series app developed by Hipstamatic’s developer company. Thankfully it’s not Hipstamatic that is no longer being sold, at least not yet.

  1. Interesting development, Paul. We are definitely living in a fluid and quickly changing world, with software and apps as barometers of that change. We are looking at serious changes in the audio and music production world because of both software developments and proliferation of the use of portable devices for professional apps.

    1. Agreed. It’s such a new space that there are not well established companies. That certainly presents a lot of opportunities but also means less stability.

      I can imagine that the music industry is impacted just as quickly.

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