1. I recently decided to focus on shooting 6×6 images.
2. The detail of this artwork being displayed at the Atlanta High Museum was incredible
3. My trusty 645 Pro
4 Snapseed

7 thoughts on “Mesh”

  1. Thats excellent detail for a phone camera, maybe I should look into finally breaking down and get an I-Phone, I hear they have great cameras and by checking out your blog I see that now..:-)

    1. The iPhone 4s really improved the quality of images (i.e. 8 megapixels). The 645 Pro app also allows for “less compressed” image files. The combination of these is pretty impressive.

      Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that I have found your blog! I can’t wait to pour through the images and posts. I have recently started a 365 project and I have decided to use my iPhone exclusively for it. I decided to follow you immediately 😀 Have a great week. ~ Becky

    1. Becky — Thanks. I really appreciate it.

      Will you be posting your 365 project to your blog? Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Hopefully my blog can be helpful.

      What apps do you plan on using?

      1. Paul — I will be posting the 365 project to my blog. I’m pretty excited to see it through to the end. I plan on using my iPhone and Instagram app exclusively for this project. For me, it will be an exercise in getting back to basics by working on things like composition. Feel free to comment and offer critique since it will be a year of learning.

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