Use Flipboard to inspire your iPhoneography

Few things get me more motivated to capture great images than seeing what other folks are able to accomplish. However, I do not have all day to peruse the massive volume of images transmitted through the social media channels each day. Apps likes Instagram allow for quick and efficient viewing but limits you to one subset of iPhoneographers and, let’s be honest, has a lot images that are not entirely inspiring. Twitter is a fantastic venue but given the propensity of iPhoneographers that post to a blog or website, you have to click a link to view the image which is inefficient (you may note by reading this blog I am not a fan of inefficiency). And the list can go on and on.

Given this problem I began to look for an efficient way to quickly view images on a daily basis and settled on Flipboard. Flipboard provides a fantastic way to consume content from multiple sources very efficiently, including iPhoneography images. What makes this tools so useful is the ability to set specific hashtag searches on Twitter and G+ which can be view via Flipboard (click here for a post on the best iPhoneography #Hashtags).

Here is how to setup a Twitter hashtag stream:

1. First, save a hashtag search in your favorite Twitter app.
2. Follow these steps.




7 thoughts on “Use Flipboard to inspire your iPhoneography

  1. A great tutorial! I am a social media “beginner” so to speak. I had no idea you could set up Flipboard that way — heck I didn’t even know I could save searches in Twitter!!! Thanks so much — now I have a beautiful way to spend my coffee break time 😀

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