The Throwaways

One of the three common mistakes that iPhoneographers make is they post a photo they shouldn’t (if you are wondering about the other two then click here). I have been guilty of this foul all to frequently and I have worked to become more disciplined about the photos I post on this blog.

That being said, sometimes I want to share an image that may not be up to the incredibly exacting standards that I apply to photos that appear here (please note the hints of sarcasm that drip like honey from the comb) or that thematically would not fit. You know the images I am talking about. The sandwich you had for lunch or your current view that would make your friends jealous. These are the images I spend minimal time editing. So I decided to start an Instagram/Flickr stream. I called it the “#throwaways” and it tags along at the bottom of my blog.

In looking back over these images they are certainly eclectic but several I enjoyed. I decided to do a quick post with a gallery view of these images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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