A baby in one arm and a blog in the other


Life has been pretty hectic as of late and that has seriously cramped my time for iPhoneography & Observations blogging. However, we must seize what opportunities come. Given the recent birth of my second daughter and my role as primary baby holder, I am balancing my iPad on one knee and pounding out this post in Evernote using only my left hand.

Three brief topics:

1. New apps: I recently started using Tweetbot, Google Chrome web browser, & Attachments on my iPad and iPhone.

2. Snapseed gave us Christmas early – New Retrolux filters.

3. Pocket squares: I decided to start wearing them. The goal is not to be pretentious, I just think they look sharp. For other gentleman who might be equally drawn to understated haberdashery here is how I got started figuring out the pocket square:
Lock & Co. Hatters
The Art of Manliness – how to fold a pocket square
The Tie Bar – reasonably priced pocket squares

I plan to blog more on items 1 & 2 in the near term (i.e. once put this baby in the other arm and feeling returns to my hands).


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