Snapseed’s new filters: Retroflux

Snapseed is one of the best iPhoneography editing apps out there. It’s the one I use more than any other in the editing process (if you need proof, just click the images by app link above). I provides an incredible amount of control coupled with a simple to use interface.

As I blogged earlier this week, Snapseed released a new round of updates that included new set of filters called Retrolux. Retrolux features includes:
– 13 preset filters
– Within the Properties of each respective filter you can select multiple “light leak” and “soft” overfilters.

I would liken the Retrolux filters be most similar to the Snapseed Vintage filters but the light leak and soft overfilters provide a much broader dynamic range of possibilities. Here are examples of the results of the filters on one static image to give you a taste for the range in these filters:




As with all the other Snapseed filters, you have the ability to substantially adjust the preset to arrive at the best combination for the image. While I am certainly still exploring the Retroflux update I think it’s a very nice edition to Snapseed’s already strong editing platform.

One other note, Snapseed was acquired by Google. I am very curious to see how Google leverages Snapseed techology into future apps. There is already a direct Google+ posting button within Snapseed. I foresee a compliation of Google+, Snapseed, and Picasso in the near future. Hopefully the high quality found in the Snapseed app does not disappear.


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